Hop.SCIMMA is a production instance of HopSkotch run by SCiMMA for the community.

  • carries LVK public alerts and other public event streams.
  • has a signup portal, here
  • has a tutorial on using HOPSKOTCH to connect to the SCiMMA hopskotch production instance.
  • supports members of the community applying to publish their own public and private topics
  • is supported via a portal and email
  • is hosted on the cloud for high availablity
  • maintains an archive of all public messages

HOPSKOTCH is a scalable, high-throughput low-latency platform for handling real-time data streams for MMA applications, which:

  • provides a cloud-based instance of Kafka data streams to support MMA applications via a publish-subscribe paradigm
  • provides “at least once” delivery semantics
  • allows catchup if a client is unavailable or needs to reprocess recent alerts
  • offers extensive identity and access management controls and fine-grained Kafka topic permission configuration to respect data rights as documented online with the HOPSKOTCH authenticator

hop-client is a Python library to streamline connecting and authenticating to HOPSKOTCH, which:

  • is available as a command-line tool and Python API, both installable from PyPI or conda-forge
  • offers a customizable application template to allow for easy modification for individual use-cases
  • is documented on Read the Docs